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Paul Destroyed Jesus

Author: Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol ISBN: Pages: 143 Description: Jesus came to set the world free with TWO BASIC TRUTHS: 1. …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJuly 2, 2019

And the Winner Is… Jessica Wakefield!

Author: Francine Pascal ISBN: 9780553482201 Pages: 96 Description: Francine Pascal (May 13, 1938— ) is an American author best known …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJuly 1, 2019

A Seven-Letter Word

Author: Kim Slater ISBN: Pages: 305 Description: Actual Rating = 3.5/5 A Seven-Letter Word is a fun and quick read …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJune 25, 2019

Nothing More to Take (Give & Take Duet #1)

Author: Demetra Georgiou ISBN: Pages: 244 Description: Funny and vivacious Diane, with a promising career in the publishing industry, is …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJune 20, 2019

The Apothecary

Author: Maile Meloy ISBN: 9780399256271 Pages: 362 Description: It’s 1952 and the Scott family has just moved from Los Angeles …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJune 19, 2019

The Poems of Alexander Pope

Author: Alexander Pope ISBN: 9780300000306 Pages: 880 Description: A splendid presentation of Pope’s poems, excluding only his translations of Homer, …Read More

Profile PhotoParkerJune 17, 2019
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